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Embocraft CRM & Stock Management

Embocraft: Enhancing Sales Operations and Stock Management with Salesforce.


Embocraft specializes in selling medical devices, particularly catheters. With a focus on supporting their sales team and streamlining operations, Embocraft identified several challenges:

  1. Supporting Sales Team: Enhancing sales operations to better support the sales team in effectively managing customer relationships and driving revenue.

  2. Comprehensive Customer Information: Developing a 360-degree database for healthcare professionals (HCPs), including their department, hospital affiliations, communication history, and activity tracking.

  3. Stock Management: Improving stock management processes by tracking product inventory, monitoring stock levels at customer sites, conducting stock counts, and generating invoices for orders.


To address these challenges, Embocraft implemented Salesforce Professional with Sales Cloud, offering a robust solution to streamline sales operations and stock management. Key components of the solution include:

  1. Salesforce Professional: Leveraging the Salesforce Professional edition, Embocraft gained access to powerful sales and CRM tools to optimize their sales processes.

  2. Sales Cloud: Implementing Sales Cloud allowed Embocraft to track customer interactions, manage accounts and opportunities, and drive sales productivity.

  3. HCP Database: Developing a comprehensive HCP database within Salesforce enabled Embocraft to gain insights into healthcare professionals' preferences, interests, and engagement history. This 360-degree view facilitates targeted communication and relationship management.

  4. Stock Management Module: Implementing a custom stock management module within Salesforce allowed Embocraft to efficiently track product inventory, monitor stock levels at customer sites, conduct stock counts, and generate invoices seamlessly.


The implementation of Salesforce Professional with Sales Cloud has yielded tangible results for Embocraft. With enhanced sales operations and a comprehensive HCP database, the sales team can better manage customer relationships, resulting in increased sales revenue. Additionally, the streamlined stock management module has improved inventory control and invoicing processes, leading to greater operational efficiency.


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