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A Salesforce Health Cloud implementation within Immunology and Neuroscience at AbbVie.


Within the Exceptional Patient Experience (EPE) division at AbbVie, there were multi)faceted challenges that could have significant implications on AbbVie's ability to deliver optimal patient care, maintain regulatory compliance, and uphold its position as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Some key issues included:

Expansion of Health Cloud for Neuroscience:

The expansion of Health Cloud for the Neuroscience department was crucial for advancing patient care and research in neurological treatments. However, the challenge lay in seamlessly integrating and scaling the functionality.

Launch and Expansion of the Mobile App in 2022 and 2023:

Successfully launching the mobile app in 2022 and subsequently expanding it in 2023 were critical for AbbVie's patient engagement strategy. The app aimed to provide patients with accessible and personalized healthcare resources, thereby fostering better adherence to treatment plans and improving overall patient outcomes.

Integration of AE/PQC with Trilogy:

The integration of Adverse Events (AE) and Product Quality Complaints (PQC) with Trilogy represented a crucial aspect of pharmacovigilance and quality management. A seamless integration was essential for efficient tracking, reporting, and resolution of adverse events and product quality concerns.

Addressing these challenges required a holistic approach that considered both technological solutions and their broader impact on business operations and patient outcomes.


To overcome these challenges and enhance patient care and operational efficiency, our team implemented a comprehensive solution through our expertise in Salesforce Health Cloud. The approach included:

Patient Onboarding and Care Plan Maintenance:

  1. Nurses were tasked with enrolling patients into the system with detailed care plans, encompassing medications, pump configurations, dosages, and ongoing care plan phases.

  2. Maintaining the continuity and accuracy of care plans for patients, particularly those on long-term and home-based treatments, required a systematic approach.

Business Analysis and Support:

  1. Working closely with operational managers, we acted as a supportive business analyst, conducting follow-ups on demands, incidents, complaints, and requests.

  2. Weekly calls with cross-functional teams ensured effective communication and issue resolution.

Training and Knowledge Transfer:

  1. Conducted training sessions, for new business units and regions, to empower the client's team in managing and utilizing Salesforce Health Cloud effectively.

Technology Integration:

  1. Addressing the integration question, we explored possibilities to integrate with other systems such as Veeva CRM, ensuring a seamless connection between different systems.

  2. Other integrations included handling Adverse Events, Product Quality Complaints, and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for calls.

KPI Reporting:

  1. Providing monthly and weekly Immunology and Mobile App Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports to BTS was essential for monitoring and assessing the performance of the Salesforce Health Cloud system.


Our efforts yielded remarkable results and bolstered AbbVie's patient engagement strategy. Patients gained access to personalized healthcare resources, fostering better treatment plan adherence and overall improved patient outcomes. The project achieved notable milestones such as:

  • Onboarding Health Cloud in 3 countries and the Mobile App in 2 new countries.

  • Four global product readiness releases enhancing overall system stability and functionality.

  • Activation of new products in Europe, covering 7 countries (JP, IL, DE, NL, AT, SE, FI).

  • Three major releases in 2023, further refining the system and addressing evolving needs.

  • Successful migration of AU's entire data to Health Cloud Neuroscience.

These accomplishments signify a substantial improvement in patient engagement, operational efficiency, and the overall digital experience for both healthcare providers and patients within the Salesforce Health Cloud framework, and allows AbbVie to remain a market leader within the pharmaceutical industry.


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