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Belgisch Centrum voor Geleidehonden VZW

Salesforce configuration, low code, and custom development to enable Vets to follow up on the whole breeding cycle from measurement of progesterone till the last day the puppies stay in the breed.


BCGs mission is to raise and train exceptional dogs that have the potential to become lifelong companions for visually impaired individuals. However, managing the breeding process efficiently while maintaining accurate records posed significant challenges. The unpredictability of puppy litter sizes compounded the complexity of capturing vital data such as nutrition, weight, vaccinations, and medical records. Recognizing the need for an innovative solution, we sought to streamline data management for our dedicated veterinarians so they could work on their tasks in a more efficient manner such as:

  • Breeding dogs and managing external veterinarians.

  • Monitoring the health and well-being of mother dogs.

  • Leverage the breeding module to ensure the health and readiness of puppies.

  • Placing dogs with visually impaired individuals.

  • Supporting individuals in their daily activities.


To address these challenges, we developed a custom solution on the Salesforce platform, leveraging low code and Lightning Web Components (LWC). Our solution focuses on enabling veterinarians to efficiently manage the entire breeding cycle, from initial measurements of progesterone to the care of new-born puppies. Key components of our solution include:

Custom Lightning Web Components:

We created custom Lightning web components to simplify data entry for various objects on a single page, allowing veterinarians to manage multiple dogs simultaneously.

Lightning Flows with Invocable Apex:

Following Salesforce best practices, we utilized Salesforce Flows for automation within the breeding module. In cases where Flows were insufficient, we implemented a hybrid solution combining Flows and Apex to ensure seamless automation.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Our system provides operational and management-level reports, offering real-time insights into breeding activities. These reports enable informed decision-making and facilitate smooth operational workflows.

What sets our solution apart is our well-thought-through to ensure that the efficiency of data input does not compromise the integrity of our data model. This not only guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the information but also allows for the creation of comprehensive reports across various organizational levels.


Our solution has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the breeding process at BCG. By centralizing data management and automating repetitive tasks, veterinarians can now focus more on the well-being of the dogs. The seamless integration of Lightning Web Components and Flows has reduced administrative burdens and improved overall productivity. Additionally, our robust reporting capabilities provide valuable insights for both operational and strategic decision-making.

We continue to provide support and enhancements to the breeding module, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of BCG. With our solution in place, BCG can better target donors and individuals interested in dog training programs. While we considered Salesforce Non-profit Success Pack, our tailored solution proved more suitable for their specific requirements, demonstrating our commitment to out use-case first approach which delivers the highest business value for BCG, while choosing the right solutions.


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